What is Low Cost Counselling?

What is Low Cost Counselling?
Low cost counselling offers person-centred therapy and integrative therapy. The therapy can be both short or long term (up to 1 year) depending on which will be of most benefit. Sessions take place weekly.

The service facilitates positive change by improving the client's ability to establish and maintain relationships, enhancing the client's effectiveness and ability to cope, promoting the decision-making process and facilitating client potential.  

**Please note this is NOT a free service. Initial assessments are free. Fees from June 2023 are then £25 per session. Sessions are 50 minutes long.




Who is Low Cost Counselling for?

This service is only suitable for clients with mild to moderate mental health concerns. The service has successfully helped many people through a difficult time in their life, whether due to past life experiences or current issues. This service is unfortunately not able to support clients with drug or alcohol dependency, a mental health diagnosis from a Psychiatrist or active suicidality as we are a trainee volunteer placement. We are also not able to offer specialist interventions such as EMDR.



How do I access this service?

If you would like to self-refer to this service, please complete the online form.

The Low Cost Counselling Manager will contact you to book your 30-40 minute assessment when the details of your counselling requirements will be discussed.

Please read the information above the form carefully. This service is not suitable for under 18s, or for people who are in crisis or actively suicidal.



Credentialed Therapists

Our Credentialed Therapist list contains contact, location and pricing information for local, fully qualified counsellors who have also completed over 400 hours of service with us or other services. All have been vetted by our Counselling Manager. 

If you are looking for private, full price counselling, please view our list of Credentialed Therapists. 



How do I find out more about this service?

Call us on 0300 330 5488 Option 1 or email rictriage@norfolkandwaveneymind.org.uk where you will be met by a Recovery Triage Operator who will provide you with further information about this service.

Whether it’s you, someone in your family, a friend or a work colleague, we are here to support you.



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