We have partnered with Rockthorn to actively promote awareness surrounding mental health within the construction industry, an industry that has historically faced difficulties in openly addressing and confronting issues related to mental well-being.

Spot the Signs 

Rockthorn have been working on a Spot the Signs campaign, which focuses on the goal of encouraging people to look out for any signs of struggle with mental health in themselves or others. 

To communicate this message, the main concept revolves around a physical sign that resembles a typical construction sign. But if you look closely you will notice that this sign instead presents a list of key indicators to watch for, which can signal when someone may be in need of support. Of course there are other symptoms that could indicate mental ill-health, but the ones featured on this sign are some of the most common and easiest to spot.

To accompany this, Rockthorn have been releasing weekly interview style videos and graphics on their Instagram and Linkedin to try and spread the message. This content features people who work in the construction industry in a range of different roles, from Managing Director to Health and Safety Consultant. 

In these videos the participants speak about their thoughts and feelings on the topic and how they believe things could and need to change. These videos aim to encourage conversations amongst those working in the construction industry to open up and share past or present experiences to show that it is okay to talk.

Why we got Involved

The construction industry is one we have wanted to branch into for a long time now, so when this campaign presented itself to us we knew straight away that we wanted to get involved.

We are proud to have our logo and helpline featured on the construction-style signs that are going to be distributed around construction sites. We hope that having these in canteens or welfare units will start to change the way those working in the industry perceive mental health. 

We are going to continue our work in targeting the construction industry to reduce shocking figures such as the fact that ‘almost 50% of ‘almost 50% of construction workers find it hard to talk about their mental health’. Together we can bring a change to this industry and we are hoping that working with Rockthorn on their Spot the Signs campaign will be a start to this.

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